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Careers at Urgent Medcare

Careers at Urgent Medcare

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Why Urgent Medcare?



About Us

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Our Mission: To deliver the PERFECT patient experience every time

careers at urgent medcare

Who we are:

CRH Healthcare owns and operates 4 brands of urgent care centers across 4 states, including 3 centers in Alabama. We are a fast growing, financially stable company with lots of opportunities. We prioritize career growth and stability among our employees!

Our Commitment to Patients:


Convenient: We will be easy to find, close to home, quick to serve.

Courteous: We will treat everyone with respect and show gratitude for their patronage.

Caring: We will have empathy for our patients and seek to ease or erase their healthcare problems.

Competent: We will provide knowledgeable staff, efficient processes, and sound business practices.

Compliant: We will follow regulatory rules and guidelines and will not cut corners for profit or expediency.

Why We Love Urgent Care

After four years of infectious disease in the inpatient setting, what I love about UC is catching illness early, educating on the etiology of illness and medications when appropriate/antibiotic stewardship, lessening the burden on the EC for all parties involved, and most of all educating folks on optimal health decisions that affect our patients’ lives. You never know what health complaint is going to be presented and it keeps you in your toes.

The schedule brings such a wonderful life balance as a wife and mother as well! That is the icing and sprinkles on the cake!

I love UC because it exposes us to many different things as medical professionals so it never gets boring!

I love that we responded so well during the pandemic, as a company and as an industry. It was hard and we did well and that makes me proud.

I love UC because we are available when most healthcare facilities are not. People don’t always get hurt or sick Monday through Friday during office hours.

I love that UC is aways changing and we are always responding.

I love the flexibility UC offers employees. There aren’t many industries that allow you to work 12 days a month and be full time.

I love that it takes special people to work in UC.

I LOVE that we are making a difference!

When a non-medical patient comes to Urgent Care –all the staff become caregivers in their own discipline. Caring for scared, hurt, sick, hold my beer and watch this embarrassing injuries has to be approached with elements of humanity that can sometimes elude those whose vocational training and aspirations are healthcare science focused…

To the patient, the “problem” is serious. Serious enough to bring them to hopefully choose us or some other Urgent Care to help him or her solve it!

I love being able to care for the whole patient, their family and mindset. I love it when we get reviews that say ALL our staff was kind, helpful, caring and informational to them.