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COVID-19 Evaluation and Testing Center

Currently, we DO NOT offer testing for the Coronavirus. Local emergency rooms and designated testing sites by the CDC have the ability to sample and send the test away to confirm for the Covid-19. Therefore, if you have:

·   Traveled to any part of China, Iran, South Korea or most European countries within the last 14 days, or

·   Had direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with a laboratory-confirmed case of the Coronavirus

·   AND you are displaying symptoms of a cold or flu


Please stay home, self-isolate, and CALL your local ER to ask them about whether you are eligible for testing and to schedule your visit.

If you or someone you love feels sick and doesn’t meet the criteria above, don’t panic. The flu or another respiratory virus is still the most likely cause. This has been another particularly bad year for the flu, especially in the southeast. Please come in and we can still treat for other respiratory and upper respiratory infections.