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COVID-19 Testing & Treatment Options

3 COVID-19 Testing & Treatment Centers to Serve You

Click the button below to check-in and register online. Wait where you want, and we’ll text you 20 minutes before your visit. Each COVID-19 testing and/or treatment visit includes a medical evaluation. 

Urgent Medcare is here to help mild-to-moderate COVID-19 patients on a path to recovery by providing new, proven medication and treatment options.

Testing Options

covid testing

Not sure if you have COVID-19?

Urgent Medcare offers various tests to diagnose COVID-19 from flu or strep – no referrals required. Testing is open to symptomatic patients as well as those with concerns about COVID-19 exposure.

  • Rapid Antigen Testing: Results available during your visit.
  • PCR Testing: Results ready within 24 hours.
  • Multi-Panel Testing to Diagnose COVID-19 vs. Flu or Strep: Results available during your visit.

Treatment Options


Tested positive for COVID-19?

If you receive a positive COVID-19 test result at home or from a testing site, our providers can help you feel better as your body fights the symptoms and effects of the virus with prescription and over-the-counter medication treatment options.

For high risk patients who qualify, our providers can prescribe COVID-19 oral medications like Paxlovid or Molnupiravir to lower the risk of progression to a more severe disease state.

Don’t feel like getting off the couch? Use a telehealth appointment to discuss your COVID-19 treatment options or follow-up care with a provider.

More Details

Each testing visit includes a medical evaluation by clinical staff and providers. Please note that your testing appointment may take 1 hour or more including check in, vitals, testing, lab work, and provider evaluation. 

No out-of-pocket expenses: For most insurance plans, there is no co-pay or deductible required.

  • Medicare and Tricare are accepted at any center.

We offer self-pay options for COVID-19 testing starting at $150 (price may vary by location). For PCR tests, the lab may send you a separate bill.