Affordable Cash-Pay Pricing

Below is our tiered approach to self-pay services, which is easier (believe it or not) than nickel & diming our self-pay patients for every service component like is done in most insurance payment options.

As one increases through the tiers, the services get more complex and, therefore, more expensive. Please call if you have any questions and remember that payment for services is required at time of service.

Basic Visit

Visit plus prescription call-in if needed
$ 150
  • Clinical visit and examination

Intermediate Visit

Also includes all Basic Visit services
$ 200
  • Basic labs
  • Ear Irrigation
  • EKG
  • Multiple injections (Decadron/Rocephin)
  • Multiple rapid tests
  • Nebulizer Treatment with Medication
  • X-Ray

Advanced Visit

Also includes all Intermediate Visit services
$ 300
  • Burn care
  • Foreign body
  • Incision and Drainage
  • IV therapy
  • Laceration repair
  • Splinting

Basic Add-on Services

  • One Rapid Test (only: strep, mono, h-pylori) $25

    Can be added on in conjunction with BASIC, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED visits.

  • Admin of one injection or medication (i.e., antibiotic IM/SQ) $25

    Can be added on in conjunction with BASIC, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED visits.

STD Testing

  • Basic STD Testing $200

    Includes all care provided in a BASIC visit plus one injection (such as Rocephin) and testing for one STD by urine exam or physical exam.

  • HIV Testing $275

    Includes everything in a BASIC visit plus testing for HIV (blood test).

  • Full STD Testing (includes labs) $500

    Includes everything in a BASIC visit as well as a blood exam (for HIV, RPR, HEP Panel) and Swab (Viral Cx, G/C, CX).

Additional Services

  • Tuberculosis test $35
  • Pregnancy test (if positive, then this becomes a BASIC visit) $35
  • Sports physical $40
  • Follow-up Visit $95

    Follow-up visits must be within two days of the first visit. Rocephin and Decadron IM are included. Any additional services will be charged the next tier.