Why am I so tired?

Tiredness or fatigue can be a result of many different deficiencies within your lifestyle.

Many Americans do not get the suggested 7-9 hours of sleep, or don’t sleep at the right time. Diet is also a large component of energy levels, without a balanced diet there is sure to be a lack of energy.

Along with a healthy diet, water and regular exercise contribute greatly to the amount of energy you have during the day.

The more water you drink and the more you exercise, the better you will feel as you release endorphins and hydrate your brain and body.

If you have tried these simple measures to improve your energy levels but still fell extremely fatigued it is time to visit a medical provider for further evaluation and testing. Your medical provider will take a thorough history, complete a physical exam, and may order some initial blood tests to look for other common causes of persistent fatigue such as low iron.

This initial evaluation can be done at your local Urgent Medcare.